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About Accu-Cut​

Accu-Cut Steel Inc. was established in 2001 and has been known for providing the best possible flame cutting steel service in the Houston area. A wide range of material specifications and a vast thickness range support our flame cutting expertise. This enables us to provide our customers base with unparalleled service. Our machines are equipped with 8 automated torches, which are the highest quality production machines available today.

Mounted over a 21' x 100' , we have incorporated CAD software and nesting programs, enabling us to quickly and economically produce very large projects. The cutting capabilities allow thicknesses as thick as 8" and as large as 20' x 60'. We also operate a separate 8' x 22' MG burning/plasma combo machine with two oxy-fuel torches and a 200-amp plasma head. In addition, we are capable of producing intricate bevels. The accuracy and quality of the parts we produce on these machines, equal anyone in the industry.

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